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נבי - בוטיק אופנה וסטיילינג | מושב אודים | NAVI

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Navi - Fashion Boutique

הקולקציות שלנו

Navi - כרטיס מתנה

Navi Boutique is a fashion boutique that imports leading brands - swimwear, women's fashion, jewelry, accessories and more.


Colombia, Paris, the USA and Italy are my favorite cities and especially there I find the boutique's lines.

Hi, I'm Einav, the owner of the navi boutique, and in addition to bringing you beautiful, special and pleasant collections, I am also a stylist who has previously dressed for fashion productions, magazines and personal styling for artists and private clients.


My biggest satisfaction in business, is getting my client smiling when she looks in the mirror and loves what she sees.


Navi - Fashion and styling boutique

So what exactly am I offering ?

Personal branding

Personal branding

Professional and personal image photography, including matching a collection from the navi boutique (also suitable as a gift for a good friend).

Personal Shoper

Personal Shoper

Day of - Selection and adjustment of a new collection in the navi boutique and other selected stores.

in-Home styling

in-Home styling

Personal styling advice at the client's home, which includes arranging the closet together and adjusting the outfits you have in the closet.

in-store styling

in-store styling

Free Personal styling advice when purchasing at a boutique store

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נבי - בוטיק אופנה וסטיילינג | מושב אודים | NAVI


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נבי - בוטיק אופנה וסטיילינג | מושב אודים | NAVI

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